Extraction Examinations of Microalgae Propagated for Biodiesel Additives


  • R. Bocsi
  • G. Horvath
  • L. Hanak
  • Z. Hodai




Because of the growing energy consumption of the world CO2 emission is also growing. A part of this carbon emission can be captured by microalgae. These creatures like any other photosynthetizing organisms consumes it as carbon source. They set up their cells and makes lots of valuable compounds of it. Some of these compounds can be transformed into biodiesel or blending components. We have studied the whole range of algae cultivation and processing is at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Pannonia. The utilization of algacultures in experimental photobioreactors is examined, together with the optimization of the operational conditions both for artificial and natural light and different fertilizers. We made extraction experiments of dried algae.




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Bocsi, R., Horvath, G., Hanak, L., & Hodai, Z. (2011). Extraction Examinations of Microalgae Propagated for Biodiesel Additives. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 39(1), 45–49. https://doi.org/10.1515/381