Our journal was founded by Endre Bodor, the legendary professor of the University of Pannonia (former Veszprem University of Chemical Engineering), Veszprém. His bust was created by Béla Raffay, a Hungarian sculptor and was unveiled in 2011 at the aula of the university.

The first volume of the journal appeared in 1973, hence this year we celebrate the 50th volume and next year the golden jubilee of the foundation. In the beginning the appearance of the journal implied to the country of the Publisher: it was printed in the Hungarian tricolour; thus the readers and authors often called it as the “red-white-green journal”.

hjicThe name „Hungarian” in the title of the journal refers to the nationality of the publisher (located in Veszprém, Hungary), but the articles published are not limited to Hungarian works/papers/authors, our journal is fully international, we welcome original manuscripts from all over the word. (E.g. Canadian Journal of Chemistry is a similar international journal, its publisher is the Canadian Society for Chemistry, located in Ottawa, Canada.)

Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry is a diamond open access journal: publishing and downloading articles are both free of charge. Moreover, a free English editing service is provided after the paper is accepted.

We are looking forward to receiving your manuscript and/or to greeting you as one of our readers in future.

Prof Katalin Bélafi-Bakó