Quasi-Continuous Elution Chromatographic Purification of a Steroid Active Compound


  • K. Temesvári
  • A. Aranyi
  • Z. Horváth
  • M. Nagy
  • T. Szánya
  • L. Hanák




In our present paper the elaborated quasi-continuous elution chromatographic separation is shown using the following instrument set up and experimental conditions: a KNAUER CSEP 9116 laboratory-scale SMB unit with five KNAUER K-501 HPLC pumps and eight columns (column dimension: 250X16 mm I.D.). The columns were packed in our laboratory by dry-packing method using vibration, the applied packing material was UETIKON C-490 15-35 μm Si gel. The appropriate eluent was methylene chloride/ethyl acetate mixture and as back-flushing solvent, pure ethyl acetate was used. After the elaboration of quasi-continuous elution chromatographic purification, the intensification of the process was carried out. The specific capacity parameters of the best quasi-continuous experiments were compared with the performance parameters of the current batch pilot-scale separation of the compound.




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Temesvári, K., Aranyi, A., Horváth, Z., Nagy, M., Szánya, T., & Hanák, L. (2006). Quasi-Continuous Elution Chromatographic Purification of a Steroid Active Compound. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 34(1). https://doi.org/10.1515/106

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