Description of the Thermal Decomposition of Naphthas


  • V. Illés
  • K. Welther
  • L. Szepesy



In laboratory tubular reactor at atmospheric pressure and in a temperature range of 580-830 °C the pyrolysis of a straight-run Romashkino naphtha cut with a boiling range of 40-160 °C was investigated. New characteristics were introduced to characterize the degree of the decomposition of the naphthas. Substituting the conversion in kinetic equations developed for flow reactors by the decomposition grade, appropriate correlation were derived for describing the overall decomposition rate of the naphthas. It was demonstrated that in the temperature and residence time ranges of industrial pyrolysis processes, the expansion and the yield distribution of the main reaction products depend only on the decomposition grade. For the predicting the product distribution in naphtha pyrolysis a simplified kinetic model was elaborated.




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Illés, V., Welther, K., & Szepesy, L. (1973). Description of the Thermal Decomposition of Naphthas. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 1(1), 89–114.