Production of Bio-Isoparaffins by Hydroisomerisation of Bioparaffins


  • T. Kasza
  • P. Baladincz
  • J. Hancsók



The importance of biofuels becomes more acute, especially in the European Union. Beside them, those second generation products are spreading increasingly which have better product and performance properties relative to the first generation biofuels. The bio gas oil is a promising product that is a fuel with high isoparaffin content in the gas oil boiling range, which can be produced by the catalytic hydrogenation of different triglycerides. In this paper the isomerisation of an intermediate product with high n-paraffin content was studied on SAPO-11 catalyst at 300–360 °C temperature, 20–40 bar pressure, 1.0–3.0 liquid space velocity and 400 Nm3/m3 H2/feed ratio. During the experiments we succeeded to produce an excellent quality diesel gas oil blending component with high i-paraffin content which is practically free of heteroatom content. This product satisfies with some addition all the requirements of the European diesel fuel standard.




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Kasza, T., Baladincz, P., & Hancsók, J. (2009). Production of Bio-Isoparaffins by Hydroisomerisation of Bioparaffins. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 37(2).

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