Investigation of Producing Modern Base Oils


  • Gy. Pölczmann
  • J. Baladincz
  • J. Hancsók



Modern lube oils are prepared from base oils (base oil mixtures) and additives. The allotted quality parameters and the proper application properties are assured by the harmonical integration of these components. Some key lube oil properties depend on the quality of the base oil. For example a new demand has raised in the area of engine oils in the last couple of years: the demand is to contribute to the lower emission of the vehicles. This means the development of engine oils with low sulphated ash, low metal, sulphur and phosphorous content (“low SAPS” engine oils). In order to reach the adequate properties, the base oil (which is the main component of the engine oils) has to be produced with modern and advanced processes. The conventional base oil production line has its own disadvantages and limitations, so the catalytic processes were spread to enhance the viscosity index and to reduce the pour point of the base oils. It was necessary to develop and apply base oil production processes and technologies which are flexible to the crude oil quality and can produce environmentally friendly base oils with high viscosity index. To reach these goals the most adequate technologies are the catalytic base oil production processes. In the experimental section of this paper the results of hydroisomerization of wax from Hungarian crude oil on Pt/zeolite/Al2O3 catalyst are presented. Based on our experiments we established that with hydroisomerization base oils with very high or extra high viscosity index and low pour point can be produced from high molecular weight paraffinic hydrocarbon mixture. These base oils with low sulphur and aromatic content are appropriate, for example to produce energy efficient and environmentally friendly engine oils.




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Pölczmann, G., Baladincz, J., & Hancsók, J. (2008). Investigation of Producing Modern Base Oils. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 36(1-2).

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