Population Balance Modelling of Crystallisation Processes


  • B. G. Lakatos




The work presents and discusses the basics of the population balance approach and multi-dimensional population balance models for describing different aspects of solution crystallisation. A two dimensional model is presented for describing evolution of needle-shape crystals characterised by two size dimensions in cooling crystallisation, and a two-population model is developed for describing micromixing of solution, and its effects on the size distribution of crystals and their aggregates in reaction crystallization. Moment equation reductions for joint moments of internal variables are developed in both cases which are closed by means of cumulant neglect closure models. The properties and behaviour of crystallization processes described by the models are investigated by simulation.




How to Cite

Lakatos, B. G. (2007). Population Balance Modelling of Crystallisation Processes. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 35(1). https://doi.org/10.1515/125

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