Vehicle Exhaust Gas Emission and its Catalytic Depollution


  • Zs. Sinka
  • J. Kovács
  • T. Yuzhakova
  • J. Lakó



In the transport process the most dominant factor is the time factor. In the industrialized world a large part of the emission of the primary air pollutants (NOx, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO) originates from road traffic. Here we present the major source of the air pollutants in the cities caused by the vehicle emissions in Hungary. Besides the growing number of vehicles and development of reducing the exhaust air pollutants of the ignition motor running conditions, the total emission is growing. The air pollution regulations and law control related to the traffic and some technical evaluations to decrease the motor air pollutants are summarised. Some experimental studies were carried out to investigate the activity of used commercial catalysts for cleaning processes of Otto engines exhaust gases. The structure of catalyst samples were characterised by morphological properties namely surface area and pore volume. On the based of experimental data we stated that the commercial catalyst activity in nitrogen-oxide reduction and methane combustion reactions decrease correlated to the running period and conditions of them.




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Sinka, Z., Kovács, J., Yuzhakova, T., & Lakó, J. (2011). Vehicle Exhaust Gas Emission and its Catalytic Depollution. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 39(1), 79–83.