Municipal Environmental-Monitoring System


  • F. Speiser
  • I. Magyar
  • K. Enisz



Nowadays protection of our environment is playing more and more significant role and within this topic the protection of the human aspects is even more important. The continuous monitoring of the municipal environment came into foreground in Hungary also through the past years. Within the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pannonia a unique organizational unit was established under the name “Sustainable Development Environmental an Informatics Cooperative Research Centre”. This centre started an R+D project on the main topic of environmental protection and its technologies. The goal of this paper is to summarize a measuring method of municipal-environmental parameters (e.g.: CO, O3, NOx, NO2, C6H6) using low-cost monitoring devices and open source visualization software. The system integrates the measured data in a GIS for further processing and publishing. The sample-area was given by the location of the University. Hence, the test-measurements were carried out in Veszprém, Hungary. The developed system gives the power of data integration so the user can manage one uniform user interface for processing the data gained from the environmental measurements. On the whole it can be stated that the system is suitable for collecting environmental data with specific low costs at minimal infrastructural build-up. Further measurements and modeling will be managed in the future using the developed system in order to compare the present results of air quality of Veszprém to the collected environmental parameters in other cities and counties.




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Speiser, F., Magyar, I., & Enisz, K. (2010). Municipal Environmental-Monitoring System. Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry, 38(1).